Lazy Daze Set Up & Show

Lazy Daze is one of the few shows in our area that lets artists set up the night before. We really appreciate this as it takes a lot of pressure off on show day. Here's my hero doing what he loves most.... construction! I'm so glad that this part is fun for him, because it ain't for me (but yes I did help in between taking photos)!

Here come my new panels. I would have preferred the Knock Down ones (top and bottom halves that you put together on site... easier to transport) , but I couldn't find anyone selling them second-hand. So it's just a matter of getting used to these. And being still unused to free-standing objects in my booth, we each had a panel fall on us before they were properly attached together! No harm done though... they are very light, no-one was hurt, and I'm pretty sure we learned our lesson! I may replace the full panels with Knock Downs over time as I'm able, but I think these will work out just fine.

The finished product. I do like the Pro Panels. Since they are rigid, the paintings hang much better than on the canvas. The booths were packed in pretty tightly so there wasn't a path for people to go between booths, but I was able to angle the front right panel so that something hung on the back side of it was visible. I couldn't have done that with the canvas panels, since each side is one solid piece. I like the dark gray as a background for the paintings too.

I appreciate all the good wishes and vibes you sent! I should have asked you all to blow some cool breezes too... in spite of the "cooler than usual" forecast, the day was HOTTT! It was all anybody could do to keep from melting away. But hallelujah no rain! Anything is better than rain. Crowds were huge. They were mostly lookers for me, but I did sell some notecards and prints, and drum up interest in my next workshop. Best of all, one of my larger paintings, 'Bev's Blossoms' found a new home! I delivered it to Walt and Marcia after the show. It fits perfectly with their living room decor. The wall is tan (like in the bottom of the photo, not yellow like where the lights are), and their upholstery is tan and light turquoise, so the painting complements it all beautifully.