It's Gonna Be A Busy Weekend!

July 31, 2010 . 10a - 6p . Raleigh Convention Center

I'm not quite sure why I did this to myself, but I'm doing this 1-day outdoor show on Saturday, and leaving at 6 a.m. Sunday morning for a week at Silk in Santa Fe. I'm both teaching and taking a workshop there, and it's been an interesting week, getting ready for all three! Yes I have lists, but I'm so afraid I'll still forget something crucial for one of them...

This will be my first time doing Art Raleigh, and now that I've got my booth location I'm having major misgivings since I think I'm in a pretty crappy spot. After 2 decades of doing shows I have a fairly good feel for this stuff... I'm just hoping I'm proved wrong this time. The upside is that the show is only 20 minutes from home and inexpensive, so low overheads. Please do me a favor send some positive vibes my way on Saturday!