"Azalea" Silk Painting Finished

Here she is tweaked, some more finishing touches added...

Deborah Younglao painting progress

...and mounted

Deborah Younglao batik azalea flower paintingAzalea, 24" x 24" diptych. Dyes & wax on silk, mounted on gallery wrap canvas.
Available for purchase at thesilkartstudio.com

I forgot to mention before that it was going to be a diptych of two 24 x 12 panels. I intend to take this to the Silk in Santa Fe silk painting conference next week where I'm teaching a workshop. A 24 x 24 can't fit in my suitcase, but two 24 x 12's will!

As I said in my previous post, I had somehow managed to obliterate the light areas on the left side of the painting. But thanks to a magic potion called Discharge Paste, I was able to regain them. Discharge paste is pretty interesting stuff - you paint it on dyed areas, hover a steam iron over it, and some of the dye color disappears. Just like everything else related to silk painting, it's somewhat unpredictable... sometimes it will remove most of the dye and other times hardly any. In this case, I think because I was working on a very lightweight silk, it behaved quite well. I'm much happier with the end result now... I hope you like it too!