Art Show Canopy

I've had several inquiries lately regarding art show canopies and the one that I use. So here is my set up and my thoughts on it...

Art show canopy
art show canopy
I use a Showoff canopy from New Venture Products, with 4 zippered, waterproof sides, front awning, skylight and vents. I'm really grateful for the skylight on cloudy days, and on rainy days the awning provides extra protection and lets me keep the front of my booth open. I also have the attached canvas display walls for hanging my paintings, that you can order with the canopy. This is an expensive set up, but if you're doing a lot of shows, I think it's worth it. Mine is about 12 years old, has seen dozens of shows in all weather conditions, and really shows no signs of wear and tear, except for a bit of mildew on the roof which I'm just too lazy to clean!

What I like about the Showoff is its stability, which is enhanced by the display walls being attached directly to the canopy frame. There is a pole that slides into a bottom pocket of each display wall and fits snugly between the 2 legs of the canopy side it's attached to. This means that while my neighbors' weighted canopies are swaying in a high wind, mine isn't moving! The drawback to the display walls is that precisely because they're attached to the canopy frame, you're limited in display configuration. This is especially a pain at indoor shows, since you have to put up the frame (without the roof). That can be quite an adventure (and I've had some doozies!) in a tight space, especially if the booth space is an odd size. I'm actually considering replacing my display walls with the more versatile Pro Panels, but these are expensive- I'll have to wait till I sell a few more paintings! I would lose some of my stability (although even without the attached panels, I think the Showoff is still more stable than some other models), but I'd really like some extra flexibility.

The Showoff frame comes with a sturdy carry bag but I found it too heavy to carry by myself, so I got an extra snowboard carry bag from a used sporting goods store and that works great for packing the shorter pieces.

New Ventures website says that set up by yourself is as "easy as 1, 2, 3"... but I think that depends on the size of the person! While it isn't difficult per se, the thing does get heavy and awkward if you're a short, skinny female! Fortunately my husband is usually with me, but when I have to set up alone, I give myself a LOT of extra time.

I hope this has been helpful. What kind of canopy and display system do YOU use?