Painting Done

batik silk painting 'Walter Investigates a New Home'

Walter Investigates a New Flower, 18 x 24. Dyes on Silk

Walter's done! Apart from my drawn petal shapes in the focal area of this piece, the rest was unplanned. Each successive layer of dye suggested new shapes that I just went along with and enhanced. If you click the image for a larger view you can see some of the fun textures that were created along the way. I still have to mount the painting on stretched canvas, then I'll be truly finished.


I'm now in the middle of the always-grim task of preparing my studio for a beginner's class this weekend. Of course it wouldn't be so grim if just kept my studio more organized and clutter-free at all times, but that seems to be totally beyond my jurisdiction! But I always enjoy introducing new people to silk painting, so I'm looking forward to it (once the prep is done). I've been invited to teach the same class next weekend as well at Cape Fear Studios in Fayetteville, NC.