At it Again

batik painting first layers
batik painting first layersI liked the Flaming Flowers (previous post), and so glad you did too... I feel like I'm getting somewhere in this present journey that is still only a hazy image floating around my head... so I've decided to repeat them but in a larger format. Same layered dye/wax batik technique. I'm keeping my drawing the same size but using a bigger piece of silk, so I can expand more from the flower center and get even more abstract as I move out. The original paintings were 9 x 12; now I'm working on 18 x 24. I'm also experimenting with a slightly more rusty-greeny palette.

The funky textures you see in the 2nd photo were created by sprinkling salt on the wet dye- a totally unpredictable adventure. I got some really fun stuff going on in the upper right section - I'm going to preserve that by waxing over it. Any unwaxed salt textures that I dye over in the next step will be lost in their present form, but they'll create new and different textures in the layers painted over them. This is because when wet dye is painted over dry dye, the dry will move along with the wet, forming weird and wonderful patterns along the way. This is the magic of silk painting, why anyone who tries it gets immediately hooked! Any other silk painters reading this- can I get an "Amen"!