Spring Daze

Thank you for all the good wishes for Spring Daze! It's been a few years since I've done the show, and I was pleasantly surprised by the increase in attendance since I last did it. Weather was great until about 3 pm, when we got a light shower. It didn't last long, but unfortunately it was enough to scatter the crowd, which stayed scattered even after the rain finished. It's never been a big selling show for me - I do it more for the local exposure and to advertise my classes. Still, I did make a few sales and handed out lots of class flyers, so that was fine for me. I took the jellyfish painting along - got lots of good feedback on it - so I guess I'll just keep it like it is!

Booth at Spring DazeMy booth
Marching bandThe show kicks off with a marching jazz band
Crowd at Spring DazeMidday Crowd

I still don't seem to be able to make it into the studio to do any serious painting, but I HAVE been painting furniture in our garage! We wanted to change the dining set in our beach house from a 4-seater to a 6-seater, so went to our good friend, craigslist.org - don't you love craigslist? We found a nice used set with a tile-top table and wooden chairs, and decided to make it look beachy by painting the table legs and chairs (originally a dull greyish blue) a bright turquoise like the Caribbean Sea. They sure look more cheerful now! The 'ghosts' in the background are the sides of my canopy hanging out to dry - after being rained on while drying out in the driveway after Spring Daze.

Project in garageCurrent painting project in garage