Hand Painted Silk Notecards

hand painted silk notecards
These are some of the hand painted notecards that I've been sending as a thank-you gift to those lovely people who subscribed to my newsletter. My 'usual' notecards are photos of my paintings, which I mount onto blank cards. These, however, are the actual painted silk. For these I did larger paintings and cut them into card-size pieces. I think they're fun!

The countdown is on to my open studio this weekend. I'm almost ready but still have many little details to take care of. You know - the odds and ends that are at the bottom of the list, being left for last but not any less important than anything else! The Studio Tour kicks off with an opening reception at the Cary Chamber of Commerce on Friday night, when each artist will bring one piece to show. I'm on the reception committee for that, so keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well for that too!