Come to the Beach!

After my last entry, I got some inquiries about 'Ocean Interlude', our house on North Topsail Beach (NC), so I'm posting a link to the rental listing here on Treasure Realty, where there is more info, lots more pictures and a virtual tour.

Ever since we got married 20 years ago, our dream has been to have a house on the beach, which we would primarily rent out, but have available for our own use too. It's that Caribbean blood.... it can't resist the call of the ocean! Although we've been saving for years, we figured it was a very far off goal, until the housing market crashed and prices dropped. While direct oceanfront was still out of the budget, after months of searching we got lucky with this house, which is just a few steps away from the beach. Because it faces a side street, we have an clear view down the street to the ocean. It's a handy 2-1/2 hr drive from home, so pretty easy for us to get to.

It's 4 BR/3 BA. The previous owners had impeccable taste in decorating and left practically all their furnishings for us, God bless 'em. There's fishy/beachy/nautical decor everywhere... you definitely know you're at the beach! We had our first rental the week after Easter, and are thrilled beyond words to have 5 more weeks booked already. If you're interested please let me know... we'd be so glad to have you! The address is 8202 5th Ave., N. Topsail Beach, if you want to google-map it.

Ocean Interlude view from deck

Ocean Interlude exterior