Palm Leaves Painting Step 4 & 5

You may recall form my last post, that my main leaf was too light compared to the background, and I had to choose between either darkening the leaf or darkening the background. So I did some fiddling around with the image in photoshop (how artists survived before photoshop, I can't imagine!) and found that darkening the background wasn't going to work at all. But I realized that, dyes being the magical things that they are, I could go much brighter and still have enough contrast with the background. Hence my bright orange leaf.

While painting the second leaf on the left, I decided at the last minute to introduce some purple, which I'm liking. I wish now that I had done the edges of the orange leaf in
purple instead of green, to have continuity of color. I can't change it now, since that leaf is completely covered in wax, but when I iron off the wax I should be able to scrub off some of the green and add purple. Maybe....

I'm just glad it's starting to look like sump'n!