Newsletter Launched!

Yay it's done! I know there are things that I can definitely do better, but that will be for next time. I really just wanted to get this one out by the end of March. My next event coming up is an Open Studio in April, and I wanted to give art lovers in my area a good heads up for that.

Here is a screenshot of the newsletter. I tried to upload the whole thing as a blog post so you wouldn't have to click anything to read it, but all the borders multiplied in size to huge proportions and it looked really wacky. (If any of you tech gurus out there know how to do this, please share! I tried both 'Send to Blogger' and cutting/pasting the page source from my browser, with no luck).

Click here to see the whole newsletter, and I'd be honored if you'd subscribe!

Any feedback you'd like to share, positive or negative, will be much appreciated.