Trinidad Carnival

These are a few of the Carnival Kings costumes. Each band has a King and Queen with much more elaborate costumes than the rest of the band. There are competitions to chose one King and Queen of Carnival; these pics are from the Kings semi finals. Each of these huge costumes is worn by one person that makes it dance like you wouldn't believe. Click here to see more!

In Trinidad we're staying with my brother (pics are from his verandah) whose house is perched on a steep mountainside above the busy town of of Curepe; the town of St. Joseph is across the valley. Since windows and doors are all open here, we get an interesting melange of sounds wafting up on the breeze: birds, dogs barking, cocks crowing, leaves rustling, traffic, sirens, kids playing during school recess, music, the little restaurant down the hill periodically broadcasting its menu over loudspeakers - shark! shrimp! pelau! callalloo! okras! - I love it. I know that if I heard all this stuff from my insulated, closed-up house in a quiet N Carolina suburb, I'd be offended and complain about the racket. But here it seems perfectly natural, even oddly soothing (maybe because it's what I grew up with?), and I welcome it!