Sunrise Series Finished

Got 'em finished just in the nick of time! Ron and I leave home at 4 am tomorrow, headed for more southern shores. We're going first to Trinidad (where I'm from) to visit family and take part in Carnival festivities. Think Mardi Gras but bigger, more extravagant, louder, wilder!

Trinidad has essentially been one massive party since the Carnival season started right after Christmas. It culminates with thousands upon thousands of people jumping up and dancing in the streets for the 2 days before Ash Wednesday (Feb 15-16). They're organized into costumed bands, each one with a different theme. Live and recorded soca music blares from big trucks piled high with huge speakers and the trucks move alongside the bands as they snake their way throughout Port of Spain (the capital). No ordinary camera can possibly capture it but we'll hopefully get pix with the cell phone - I don't plan to take my good camera into that melee!

On the way back from Trinidad we stop over in Barbados for a couple of days, and a gallery there is where these paintings are going. They are all scenes of Cattlewash Beach in Barbados with its sensuous coconut trees. It amazes me that these tall, skinny trunks, bent at all sorts of angles, can hold up the branches. It's something to see them whipping around in the wind.

Younglao seascape painting Sunrise at Cattlewash 3
Younglao seascape painting Sunrise at Cattlewash 4
Younglao seascape painting Sunrise at Cattlewash 1
Younglao seascape painting Sunrise at Cattlewash 2