Palm Leaves Painting Step 3

D. Younglao batik painting step 3I'm so tickled by the enthusiastic comments from the first stages of this painting, especially when it really doesn't look like anything yet - you make me really want to deliver! Lokelani identified the leaves as monstera - I thought they might be but I wasn't sure. Thanks Lokelani! I just love how the edges of the holes are so perfectly smooth, not raggy like insect holes.

Well here's the next layer of dye, but I've run into a slight boo-boo: In my original photo, the leaves are dark and stand out against a light background. But I wanted my whole focal area to be light, getting darker toward the edges. However I realize that the main yellowy-orangey leaf, isn't standing out enough from the light background that you see through the holes (I don't know why I ever thought it would - go figure). So I can either (a) darken the light leaf, or (b) leave the leaf light and darken the background in that area. Since it's a pain to lighten things up after you've gone dark, I think I'll sleep on this one and tackle it tomorrow!

PS - These photos don't really show true colors or values because the wax darkens whatever it's covering; but by holding the silk up to the light I can see the real deal.