Painting Palm Leaves Step 1 & 2

D Younglao batik painting step 1There's something about palm trees. I know I'm 'home' in the Caribbean when I see them dotting the hillsides or in masses on the coast. In the last set of paintings, the Sunrise at Cattlewash series, I painted whole trees, now I'm zooming in to the palm fronds themselves, painting from photos I took in Trinidad. I'm not sure what type of palms these are, but they have wonderful little holes in the leaves, and they make such fascinating patterns as they overlap each other.

I'll be doing this next set of paintings in batik technique, i.e. successive layers of dyes and wax. Shown here are the first and second layers of dye and wax.D Younglao batik painting step 2
The dark spots and lines are the wax, and you can just make out my pencil drawing. I was going to post the original picture that I'm using as inspiration, but that would make it too easy for you - you'll have to watch it develop along with me! If it looks a bit confusing at this point - it is to me too, but the forms will start taking shape soon.