Sunrise at Cattlewash 2

Younglao seascape painting Sunrise at Cattlewash 2Sunrise at Cattlewash 2, 10 x 8. Dyes on silk.

Finished! Well actually not really. The thing about silk panting is, you're not done when you've put the brush down - the paintings still have to be steamed to set the dyes, then washed to remove pencil marks and resist, if any was used.

Cattlewash is a beach area on the rugged and mercifully sparsely populated east coast of Barbados. Can you guess how Cattlewash got its name? Click here to see if you were right! Sometimes the sea is fairly placid, like in the previous painting, other times it's wild like in this one. Many of the coconut trees in this area have their lower branches missing, I'm not sure why, and those are the stumps you see sticking out from the trunks. I considered painting the trees here and in #1 'whole', instead of how they really are, but I think they are still beautiful as they are in their imperfect way.