Sunrise at Cattlewash 1

Younglao seascape painting sunrise at Cattlewash 1Sunrise at Cattlewash 1, 10 x 8. Dyes on silk.

After reading the lovely comments on the unfinished paintings, I was almost inclined to leave them as they were and not tempt fate - you know - in case I 'messed up'! But I decided to press on.

Finished the first one at last! I should have been done with both paintings by now, but the coconut trees took way longer than I had planned. This is because I had intended to block in just the general shape of the fronds, so you'd get the sense that they were coconut trees without describing them too much (after all, I'm trying to get away from too representational these days!). But then I started looking more closely at my photos and noticing how each frond had it's own personality, with the leaflets sometimes being uniform, other times being all different sizes and going in different directions. And so I found myself painting each one more or less individually with a tiny brush, and once I started down that road there was no turning back. To build up the deep purpley-gray for the trees I had to paint each tree twice. This actually became quite meditative as I lost all sense of time marching on....

To answer a couple of questions from comments on the previous post: I didn't use conventional resist, but after doing my initial washes all fluidy and wet, I coated the the silk with No-Flow, which stops the dyes from spreading and makes them act more like watercolors on paper. So I guess that really is a type of resist. That's how I was able to get the definition in the waves and also the trees. Will post the second painting tomorrow.