Paintings critiqued

Younglao abstract landscape Fall at the LakeFall at the Lake

After a comment on my previous post, I realized I should have put up the paintings I took to be critiqued, and the feedback I got, so here they are. I started off by telling Bob that I wasn't sure what I was doing with this whole abstract thing and wasn't sure what to think of these. He said "You should think well!" So that was a good start. With "Fall at the Lake" he suggested putting some more contrasts in the purple tree area, but other than that it was fine. He seemed to really like "Falling Flower" (how come it seems to be just me who's ambivalent about this piece?). He thought the contrasts and composition were good. His recommendation - do it much bigger! (This one is only 9 x 12). So I was very glad of that boost to my confidence and will definitely be doing more exploration in this area! And obviously you, my readers, know what you're talking about!

Younglao abstract Falling FlowerFalling Flower