Painting Progress

Deborah Younglao silk paintingHere are two more stages. In the last post I had done a background wash, one layer of wax and a second layer of dye. The next step was a another layer of waxed leaves which I forgot to photograph. So the first photo here shows the step after that, which is my third layer of dye. The leaves are becoming more defined as the wax preserves the color under it.
Deborah YOunglao silk painting
Next comes another layer of waxed leaves (which I again forgot to photograph - I guess I'm always too anxious to get to the dyeing!) and the last wash of dye. I think I'll stop here as far as leaves go. The final step will be to cover the entire piece with wax and crush it to make a cracked design. When dye is painted over this, it seeps into the cracks and forms the veining characteristic of batik.