New Silk Paintings Started

Deborah Younglao silk painting start
Well as raring as I am to follow up "Falling Flower" with something similar but with some tweaks, I have to take a slight detour. I need to do a few small pieces to take to the Gallery of Caribbean Art in Barbados, that carries some of my work, as I'll be going down there in a couple of weeks. They have never had anything even remotely abstract from me, so I don't want to rock the boat (yet) with anything that's too different from my 'usual' representational work.

I've done well with landscapes there, and I've decided to do a series of sunset seascapes in the kinda-sorta impressionistic ([?] I don't know what else to call it) style Deborah Younglao silk painting startthat silk painting lends itself to. No resist is used in this technique.

I'm working on 2 simultaneously; the photos show the first layer of each. You can just make out my pencil drawings of coconut trees underneath.