Rescued Silk Painting

"Seaside Breakfast", 16 x 20. Dyes on Silk, mounted on stretched canvas and ready to hang.
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This is a scene from Barbados, of  the indigenous Barbados black belly sheep, grazing on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I wanted to convey the intense brightness of the scene, so I chose a not-quite-realistic palette of yellow-green and red-purple for maximum contrast.
This is a painting I did some time ago that through a freak accident, got a tear right in the middle of it. Originally it was stretched over a piece of foamboard and framed. I don't use glass so it was quite light. I was in a parking lot, loading work into the trunk of my car, and rested the painting on the ground, leaning it up against the car. In that moment there was a sudden, strong gust of wind, that lifted the painting up and sent it sailing over the car! En route, it caught the edge of the open trunk and got a small but obvious (to me) tear. It's been languishing in my studio  ever since, but I finally got around to fixing it. I took it off the foamboard and re-mounted it on stretched canvas, using acrylic medium as an adhesive. Now, with the silk adhered to the canvas, there's absolutely  no trace of the tear and it's ready again to go out into the world .... whew!