After Midnight - Silk Art Quilt

Deborah Younglao silk art quilt
After Midnight, 16 x 20. Dyes and acrylic paint on silk,
hand and machine embellished, mounted on silk-covered stretched canvas.
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She's done! A fairy blowing fairy blowing fairy dust into the cosmos to become stars. I did some more hand stitching, including lots of tiny French knots with silver thread for the fairy dust. The stars are a mix of splattered silver paint and white/silvery glass beads. I finished the edges of the painted piece with a layer of black, then silver, then purple zigzag. The purple doesn't cover the silver completely, so some sparkle shows through. For the background I dyed another piece of silk black, blue and purple, and splattered it with a darker silver paint than what I used for the main piece - so it still gives the impression of stars but remains in the background. Click on the image to enlarge and see the stitching and beading better.

Deborah Younglao silk art quilt detail