Abstract Landscape #2

Untitled, 6 x 6. Dyes on silk, mounted on gallery wrap canvas.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a most enjoyable visit from my cousin and her husband, and my mom. The latter two being handicapped really wasn't the problem we thought it would be in our non-handicap-friendly house, and it was great to be able to include everyone in things to do/places to go. They left this morning for their 5-hr drive home, so it's back to the studio for me.

I appreciate the comments on Landscape #1. I enjoy manipulating the dyes and developing the layers. This is such a different process from when I do representational work - where I'm controlling the dyes to make them into someTHING. Here, it's a more interactive process, where I may coax the dyes this way or that, but I give them the control. The end result is always something of a surprise.

Here's my second little 'landscape'. I love how the sky turned out in this one. As it moved, the orange dye released quite a bit of yellow, which did some interesting stuff as it interacted with the blue.