Silk Beads!

No they're not fuzzy critters! They are beads I made by wrapping and glueing scraps of painted silk around bits of plastic straws, then embellishing further with yarn and/or glass beads. I think they're fun. I'm about to mount and finish off this hand quilted piece that I did back in July, and will use these beads as part of it.

Thanks for all the good wishes about my trip! I'm back in the US now, and Mum is happily settling in with her niece in South Carolina (her house is handicap-friendly , ours is not) and we'll be visiting back and forth over the next few months while she's up here. Our trip from Barbados was long but went quite smoothly. We were so impressed with the level of service given by the American Airlines wheelchair attendants on all segments of the journey. They were most efficient, attentive and respectful. None of them could believe their charge was 92 years old! Mum declared that the trip was pretty easy compared to the horrors she'd been anticipating - so we're very blessed and thankful.