Quilted Silk Painting "The Wanderer"

deborah younglao silk art quiltThe Wanderer, 20 x 16. Dyes on silk, hand stitched and embellished w/beads and yarn.
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I called this "The Wanderer" because the dyes were poured on freely and left to go where they wanted, and I also started the stitching with no idea in mind, literally wandering over the painting with my needle, seeing what developed. Sometimes I would stare at it, clueless where to go next. I'd start a few stitches, pull them out if they didn't work, and try somewhere else. And so it went...

The quilted painting is mounted on stretched canvas, which I covered first with another piece of dyed silk. At first I was going to just paint the canvas black so the background would be solid, but I decided to go silk all the way and dyed a piece black plus the colors that are in the painting. I think I do prefer the color variations to a solid color.

I knew that I wanted the silk beads to dangle (or at least appear to do so) but wasn't sure how. I 'auditioned' several ways from plain thread to strung beads, and finally hit on what I think works pretty well - wrapped pipe cleaners! These are plain white chenille pipe cleaners (remember when you used to play with those in kindergarten?), that I've wrapped with various bits of yarn and threads. Another thing to do with scraps that I simply can't throw out! The wrapped cleaners and beads are glued on, but it does look like they're dangling. I also brushed gold paint around the edges of the painting and on the tops of some of the folds. Below are a couple of close-ups.

deborah younglao silk art quilt detail

deborah younglao quilted silk painting detail