After Midnight- Progress

So what good is a moon without a fairy sitting in it?  :)  I drew my moon and fairy on tracing paper and tried several different positions for them - for some reason I find this coveys a sense of her smallness amid vast, swirling galaxies. And there was a light area in just the right spot to highlight her face. This wasn't necessarily my original intent (or at least I didn't know that it was) until I rotated the piece this way and it hit me!
The moon is plain white jacquard silk - it has a special weave of shiny and dull patterns, which change as you move your head so it looks sort of iridescent - perfect for a moon! She is a piece of dyed black silk, and her wings are sheer and shimmery. All are raw-edge appliqued on. She'll be blowing fairy dust (naturally!) into stars, and I've just started painting the path of the dust in pearlescent paint. It's not showing up much in the photo but is quite shimmery on the actual piece...  I'll have to play with my lighting some more. The stars will be next....
Don, is this anything like what you envisioned for the placement of the moon? I'd love to know what your idea was!