Silk Painting Class

I was tickled to read the comments on my previous post. I made my husband read them to prove to him that I have many Sisters in Mess! (He says he's sometimes afraid to enter my studio for fear of getting lost)!

Well we had a really nice class yesterday. It was small - only 3 students due to a couple of cancellations, but it meant we all had more room! They were all trying this medium for the first time and did a great job. Painting with liquid dyes that don't stay where you put them can be quite daunting at first. They couldn't believe that they could arrive knowing nothing about silk painting and leave with a finished piece - but they all did! I wish I had laid bets - I could have made some extra moolah! We had some good conversation and good painting. Here's the class and their finished scarves. Pretty good for just one day of painting, I'd say.

deborah younglao silk painting class