Preparing for Class

There's nothing like company coming to get a professional procrastinator like myself cleaning up the confusion I call 'home'. Well really, that's the only reason I ever tidy up. I'm teaching a silk painting class tomorrow in my home studio and am wading through the piles of stuff that have been accumulating there for months, to make room for the students to work. I'm sure the bottom layers of the bigger piles must be turning to stone by now. An archaeologist would have a grand time in my studio. Actually I feel like one, unearthing all sorts of forgotten treasures ("Oh, that's where my so-and-so has been hiding!" or "Gee I didn't even remember I still had that whatever!").

Now that I can see the surface of tables again my studio looks so much bigger and I feel like both it and I can breathe more freely. And it's such a relief not to have to play hopscotch to get from point A to point B becuase of all the obstacles on the floor. The sad truth is, with lightening speed after my students are gone, chaos will begin its always-successful bid to take over once more. But at least for a weekend every now and then, I get to start afresh with a clean, shiny and spacious workspace. And I feel very blessed.