The "Help Me Decide" Giveaway!

Dear blogger friends - Weekend after next (Sept 25 - 27) I'll be at the Atalaya Arts Festival in SC. This show is unusual in that each artist has to pick one piece from their booth to be judged for an award. (Usually the judges look over the whole booth and decide for themselves). The 6 paintings shown here are the ones I'm considering and here's where you all come in - help me choose one! FYI the last 3 with the birds are quilted paintings.

Tell me which is your favorite, and if possible, why you like it. Everyone who votes by commenting here or on Facebook, will receive 2 of my art notecards. They are photos of my paintings that I've mounted on 5" x 7" cards, blank inside for you to personalize. Two examples are pictured at the end of this post, but I have over 40 images that I'll pull from randomly. Each card comes packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.

I'll take votes up to Thursday 24th, and use whichever painting gets the most votes. Just send me a message with your mailing address so I can send your cards. Have fun playing and thanks for your opinions!

Deborah Younglao notecard