A Big Thank You!

Man, you folks rock! I mean really. I'm blown away by the time you've all taken with this, and with the thoughtfulness and depth of your comments! As artists, when we create something, we usually have a particular objective in mind and manipulate our medium to hopefully achieve that goal. So many thoughts race through the mind - composition, color, edges, placement, etc, etc etc. And then there are things that just spontaneously happen while we're creating that happen to work with the piece, and elements that we didn't even realize were there but that others see. Your participation in this "creative brain tease" as Don calls it has been so helpful to me, not just in choosing a painting to be judged at the show, but in discovering what you saw in this small cross section of my work. I'm going to refer to your comments often when I'm planning future pieces!

Right now Season's End is in the lead by a very slim margin. I leave for Atalaya on Thursday morning, so will tally the final result on Wednesday night and let you know.