Atalaya Festival

Well I didn't win any awards, but thank you all again for your input on choosing paintings for judging! It was really quite fascinating to see the different points of view. Next time I have to make any kind of decision like that, I'll sure know where to go for help!

There were no major sales for me at the show, but I sold a truckload of notecards and a few small originals, so I'm happy with what I did get. The biggest blessing was the lack of rain despite the forecast for a 60% chance on all days. Although skies got very black at times and spewed out a few errant raindrops, the thunderstorms conveniently waited till nighttime to make their presence felt!

I've just been home for 2 days and will be off again tomorrow for another five. My 92-yr old mother, who lives in Barbados, is coming Stateside for a few months. She can't travel alone, so I'm going down to 'collect' her. I'm hoping to do some much needed blog-catching-up while I'm down there, but I hear that they're having computer trouble, so I might be out of touch again for a while. I think I'm getting me a Netbook for Christmas so my internet is more mobile!