Quilted Silk Painting - Finished

Well, it's done! I've just finished doing the last bits of stitching and beading. The last question was, what to do about the big orange blotch in the upper left corner, the result of a previous dye spill. I dived into my stash and found a dyed scrap with the same colors, and used that to cover my sins - it fit in perfectly!

The bottom photo shows the original painting, before embellishing. I'm not sure yet how I'm going to mount it. I'm thinking maybe attaching it to black stretched canvas, so it would look similar to the photo here; that would make it easy to hang.

I've named the piece "The Wanderer", since that's how it was created..... I wandered around the silk doing this and that until it seemed to come together. There's lots of texture.... hills and valleys, shiny stuff and fuzzy stuff. Even though the hand quilting took longer than machine quilting would have, I found it a lot less stressful, so I'll be doing it again!