Batik Silk Painting - Progress

Deborah Younglao silk paintingWhile I've been painting, the words "cherry blossoms and lace" kept coming to me. I thought - I like that for a title, but where does the lace come in? Actually, I had been wondering what to do about the background - I loved the clear blue sky in Beverly's photo, but didn't want to paint a flat background. I came up with the idea of making a lace print on the background by spraying dye through a piece of lace.
Deborah Younglao silk painting
I found this old lace curtain in my attic - it's been in a box for more than 10 years - I'm glad I never gave it away! I figured it might make a nice print, but if I sprayed my liquid dye through it, the dye would spread too much and give me a mushy print. After much trial and error I hit on the solution. You can thicken dye to gooey consistency by dissolving sodium alginate thickener in it - then it doesn't spread so much on the silk. But it would also be too thick to spray.
So instead, I thickened just water, painted it on to the background and let it dry. I also added just a little thickener to the dye, trying several consistencies until I got one that sprayed evenly and still give a crisp print. Whew! I sprayed more heavily around the flowers to darken that area. I'm not sure where exactly I'm going from here, but it doesn't strike me as being quite finished yet - we'll see!