Batik Silk Painting - Progress

Deborah Younglao batik silk paintingFirst, thanks to all who left encouraging comments at the start of this piece!

Continuing the dyeing and waxing process - the top photo shows yet another layer of dye and wax, and in the second photo the flowers are all done and I've painted my first background layer, adding a bit of the flower colors into it for harmony. The flowers look pretty dark because of the wax. Once the wax is removed they will brighten up a lot.

Deborah Younglao batik silk paintingPainting many layers like this with relatively small changes in values between the layers is a bit disconcerting, since the wax darkens whatever color is under it, to the shade it would be if it were wet. So it's sometimes hard to judge if you're using the right values. Only when the wax is removed is all revealed!