Batik Silk Painting - next step

I this photo I've done some more development of the background. I had gone darker around the flowers than I intended, and wasn't too happy with it. So I started rubbing off some dye with rubbing alcohol. While doing this, I found that I was unconsciously making lighter petal shapes. Hello! All I had to do now was shade the bottom of my shapes and I had a negative-shape layer, which I was much happier with.

I forgot to photograph the next step, where I covered the entire painting with wax and crumpled it to crack the wax. I then painted blue dye over the whole thing - the dye seeps into the cracks and forms veiny shapes, which gives that organic, weathered look, characteristic of batik.

Next I ironed the painting between sheets of newspaper to remove some of the wax. Most of the remainder comes out during steaming, which also sets the dye. Here, the silk is rolled in newsprint, which absorbs some more wax. Finally, washing out in hot soapy water takes care of the rest.

Only when I looked at this photo on my computer did I realize that the brown leaf and the shading under the shadow flowers all ended in a straight line! Can't have that - will have to do something about it.