Batik Silk Painting - Finished

Well it's done! Here is 'Cherry Blossoms 'n Lace', 40" x 30". I did a little tweaking of highlights and shadows, toned down the lace print to make it more subtle, added a couple of branches and included Beverly's lovely poem. Thanks again Beverly, for being my inspiration!

I flipped the silk over and used the original "wrong side" as the new right side, since the words fit better that way. (The dye penetrates the silk so you can present either side). If you have trouble reading the words, click the image for a closer look.

I haven't decided whether I'm going to finish this off as a hanging, or mount it on stretched canvas as usual. I'm entering this and the next one I'm doing into a juried show - if they get accepted I may do them as hangings for ease of shipping.