Batik Silk Painting - Start

Earlier this year, Beverly Ash Gilbert posted some photos of her lovely spring garden. I was very taken with this one of cherry blossoms in the golden evening light, and Beverly graciously gave me permission to paint it. When I squint my eyes at the photo, I see beautiful shapes of light and shadow that I want to paint! I'm going to do a pair of 30" x 40" paintings from it, making the blossoms larger than life. deborah younglao silk painting in progress For the first one I'm using the right half of the photo and am going to see if I can get that glowy look that Beverly captured in the blossoms. I'm using the same batik technique with soy wax that I did in my painting Golden Wattle, i.e. several layers of dye and wax, going from light to dark.

You can't see much in the the first photo, but it's my lightest layer, a very pale yellow. deborah younglao silk painting in progress The dark marks are the hot wax, painted on with a brush. When I paint a second layer, the waxed areas retain their color, since the dye can't penetrate the wax.

In the second and third photos, I've continued the process, adding more color and more wax, so now I have three layers of dye. I'll keep building color like this until the flowers are completely waxed.

deborah younglao silk painting in progressOh by the way, I'm painting with my frame horizntally so I can reach the flowers more easily. Putting it vertically (like the finished painting will be) would involve too much stretching and I can't put it up on an easel since I'm working with liquid dyes.