Quilted Painting 1

Deborah Younglao stitching silk paintingWell here goes! I have nothing particular in mind as far as design goes, except that I've decided to quilt the whole piece by hand. I'll just see what develops as I go. I don't want to mask any of the patterns that are already there, just enhance them.

I've started in the red shape by stitching and making French knots with metallic embroidery thread. I've also added a few beads and scrunched the silk a bit as I went along. I think I want to punch this area up with some red ribbon (or something) which I don't have right now, so will leave it as is and move on.

Deborah Younglao stitching silk paintingIn the second photo I've done a lot more scrunching, which creates great texture. Beads and French knots hold the shapes of the hills and valleys. I've also couched bits of turquoise and blue yarn in wavy shapes to echo the organic lines in the painting. I had done a chain stitch line to the right of the turquoise yarn - seemed like a good idea at the time but I didn't like it when it was done. I found a little snippet of light blue yarn in my stash, which partially covers the chain stitch perfectly! See - it pays not to throw any scrap away, no matter how small!