Creating Again

Well here I am back in the studio after what seems like forever! My trip was good but marred somewhat by a contagious flu bug (no not H1N1) that smote several of my husband's family including him. I think I escaped because I insisted on sleeping on the couch! Anyway I think everyone's recovered now and all is well.

This is another goodie from my scrap bag. It's the end torn off of a previous painting that was too long. I love the abstract patterns on it, formed by drizzling dye over scrunched-up silk. It's just begging to be quilted or embellished in some way! Serendipity put a nice red shape just where it should be to form a warm center of interest against the cool greens and blues. The only thing out of place is that big orange blotch in the upper left where I spilled some dye. I'll have to figure out how to deal with that later. Time to go digging for thread, yarn, beads and whatever!