Summer Splash

Deborah Younglao abstract silk painting
So I went to open a container of purple dye and there was this dark fuzzy blob-thing inside. Who knows how long it had been in there. Not knowing what manner of beast this was, I gingerly picked it out of the container with a pair of tweezers. On its way to the garbage bin it escaped and fell on to a piece of unpainted silk. What was this alien trespasser? It took me a few seconds to realize that it was a cotton ball that had fallen into the dye container and had become completely saturated wit dye! It started spreading purple dye in a circle around itself (the purple blob near the center); I added salt and got a wacky flower-like shape.

Deciding to develop things a bit further, I picked the complementary color range of violet: from red-orange to yellow-green, dipped cotton balls in each color and set them on the silk for them to spread. Salt sprinkled of course. On some of them I added a second color to make a 'center'. Although the shapes look flower-like, the colors make me think of summer fruit: oranges, lemons, limes, blueberries. This fun scrap (it's about 8 x 8) will probably find its way into a collage or quilt somewhere down the road.