Color Exercise

Younglao abstract silk paintingHere's the start of another of my color exercises - for once I had the presence of mind to photograph the various stages! I'm using an expanded complementary scheme, with the analagous color range of blue-violet to green, contrasting with orange. I used my "Eye For Color" wheel again - Beverly's templates really make it easy to see what a color scheme is going to look like. The expanded complementary is definitely my favorite!

The first photo shows the wet dye as I initially laid the colors down. While the dyes were still wet, I sprinkled salt crystals over everything. The salt draws the dye to itself, leaving a lighter area around it and a darker blob under the crystal. You can see theYounglao abstract silk painting
reaction starting to happen in the top photo. It continues until the dyes dry, and the second photo shows the result - interesting shapes and textures.

So that's my first layer; I'll paint another layer over this. Now here's what's so magical about these dyes: until they are set by steaming, you can move them around by re-wetting them. So if I put a dab of wet dye over this dry dye, both layers will move. A hard outer edge will form as they dry. The textures you see here will be lost, but weirder and wonderfuller ones will be formed! I'll admit it's a bit scary - here you see exactly what you have - when you add the next layer you have no idea what you're going to get!