Color Exercise Finished

Deborah Younglao abstract silk paintingVolcano, 6" x 6". Dyes on silk, mounted on gallery wrap canvas, ready to hang.
Available here on my website.

Here's the final result after a second layer of dye. I used the same colors in mostly the same placement as the first layer, plus some more salt. I also used alcohol (nooo silly, on the painting, not in my glass!) to lighten some areas (the alcohol pushes the dye away). The dark, organic lines form as new dye that's drying meets already-dry dye.

When I look at this, I immediately see an aerial view of a volcano spewing molten lava down a green hillside. A wave rolling in at the upper left, maybe a lake in lower right. My unconscious placement of colors translates it that way to me. But what happens if I rotate the painting, like in the bottom photo? Now it looks like a funky seahorse to me! What do you think?

If I had painted a flower and rotated it, it would just look like an upside down flower. But with something non-subjective like this, you get a totally different story depending on how you look at it! Interesting, no?

Younglao abstract silk painting