Silk Painting From Photograph

Well being spring, I'm feeling kinda floral... This is a picture I took when I was visiting Australia a couple of years ago - it's the golden wattle, Australia's national flower. I love the pom-pom flower heads and graceful leaves. it's been in my "I wanna paint that" file since then... finally out it comes. Now I don't plan on doing a realistic description of the tree, I just want a sense of it.

I'm using just the left side of the image, where the main flowers are. This photo shows my pencil drawing on the silk and my underpainting of yellow dye. In the technique I'm using for this part of the painting, instead of letting the dye flow fluidly (like in my abstracts), I'm controlling it to make specific shapes. The first layer of dye slows down the second layer, and by using a fairly dry brush and sometimes a blow dryer while I'm painting, I can minimise the flow of the dyes.

This is as much as I'm going to do as far as any kind of detail.

My next step will be to paint over the flower and leaf shapes with hot soy wax to preserve them (like masking fluid in watercolor). The wax will prevent the next dye layer - which I'm going paint fluidly - from running into the already painted area.