Pin Weaving with Silk Strips

So I was putting some stuff away in my studio (an extremely rare occurrence) and came across bits and pieces of previous paintings. I've always wanted to try weaving with my painted silk but have never gotten around to it - until now.

I tore my silk into vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) strips. First I laid a piece of fusible web face up on foamcore, and pinned the warp strips in place over the fusible - hence the name pin weaving. I then wove the weft strips over and under the warp strips in a twill weave pattern. I purposely tore my strips in uneven widths so the weave would look irregular - I think it looks pretty funky. The next step would be to fuse the fabric to the interfacing and stitch over the surface to hold everything in place. Since I have no idea yet what I'm going to do with this piece, I'm just going to leave it as, propped up against my wall so I can see it, and wait for it to speak to me, whenever that may be.