Faux Batik Silk Painting - Finished!

Deborah Younglao batik silk painting

Golden Wattle, 12" x 9". Dyes, wax and acrylic paint on silk. Mounted on stretched canvas and ready to hang! Available here on my website.

Here's the finished painting after the dyes are set and the wax is removed. Notice how it has lightened up considerably after removal of the wax. The random dark lines are the patterns caused by the final layer of dye seeping through the cracks in the wax from the previous step. I also splattered pale yellow acrylic paint here and there

I'm quite pleased with how this turned out, and glad that you enjoyed peeking over my shoulder! I appreciate the encouraging comments along the way.

I'll be taking a break from painting for about a week or so. I have family coming to visit so will be spending time with them. Also using this time to do a thorough spring cleaning of my studio and office, both of which are total disasters! Who knows what I'll discover under some ancient pile of stuff!