Recycled Paintings - from scrap bag to art quilts!

Here are the two finished pieces, "Windblown #1 and #2". I got so into working on these that I forgot to take more 'in progress' photos as I went along! After the first stage, which was making those deep furrows in the red area in #1 and the green area in #2, the rest of the fabric sort of billowed up from the surface in its own waves and folds. I made pintucks to accentuate those folds. The running stitches, French knots and beads just seemed to follow along naturally after that. I used metallic gold paint to line the irregularly cut edges of the paintings and to highlight some of the folds. The gold gives them a little bling, which really spices them up!

For each support, I dyed a piece of silk pink and green, in keeping with my complementary color scheme, and mounted it on stretched canvas. The quilts are adhered to the covered canvas with acrylic medium.

When I started these, I had no clear idea where I was going with them... I let the fabric tell me where it wanted to go and I obeyed. I must say I'm most pleased with the result! As I was following the curvy pintucks with French knots, I had the feeling of a warm spring day with lots of little 'stuffs' swirling around in the air... pollen, insects, seeds.... hence the name "Windblown".

They are 10" x 8" and 10" x 10"; $99 each. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing!