I've been tagged by Karen Phipps - I'm honored! Karen, you're not the only delinquent - you've reminded me that way back when in November, I was tagged by Kathleen Krucoff and never got around to doing my 'homework', so this time I'm doing it right away! Please visit both of these artist's blogs. Karen Phipps does some wonderful plein aire oils with texture that you want to reach out and touch, and Kathleen makes beauty out of glass.

Here are the rules for tagging:

1. Put a link in your posting about the artist that tagged you.

2. Write 5 -7 unusual things about yourself.

3. Tag 5 - 7 other bloggers and let them know.

These are the other artists I'm tagging. Please visit their blogs for some real treats!

Jane Green: Working in 3 media, Jane's watercolors, colored pencil and rug hooking designs emphasize negative painting - very unusual work.

Teena Hughes: A fellow silk painter having way too much fun with her medium!

Jeffery J. Boron: Jeffery does some amazing things with light and shadow.

Susan Hong-Sammons: Another oil painter doing some lovely winter scenes right now.

Tracey Clarke: Tracey's paintings of animals tell most interesting stories - that the viewer has to come up with him/herself.

OK here is some personal trivia:

1. It's a long story but in a nutshell, after a 10-yr engagement, when I finally got married I (and the groom) did it wearing shorts, T-shirt and flip-flops. Wedding expenses = $0, marriage = 19 yrs.

2. We occasionally moonlight as DJ's.

3. My evolution as a silk painter has come via marine biology, fashion design and wearable art.

4. I won a dance contest with a partner 30 yrs ago.

5. I love hiking but literally freeze in fear if I have to cross over a space on a log or narrow plank. My legs just don't get the message from my brain to put one foot in front of the other. Ron blithely runs halfway across and mocks me by dancing salsa on the log while coaxing me across. I get really mad at myself for being such a wuss, which makes things even worse. Drives me batty! (I do eventually get to the other side, but with heart pounding and time wasted).