Mixed Media 2

Did some more with the collage yesterday, here are the additions:

(1) More bits and pieces of painted silk

(2) Scraps of old window screen!

(3) The kind of lacy pattern is crumpled white tissue paper from packaging, which I pasted on then painted with pink, green and brown dye. Along with this I randomly laid down and dyed threads that fray out from my silk when I tear it. They're so annoying but do make up for it here in the nice organic lines they produce!

(4) Along the top of the left piece is modeling paste - a thick white paste that you can make textures in and paint over when it's dry. I used my paintbrush handle to write the words "Flowers - I love 'em!" while it was still wet. I'll do the same with the right piece but write different words.

Bear in mind that nothing you see here is the 'final answer', since I can layer more modeling paste, tissue, fabric or whatever over anything I want to change!