Tropical Sunset 3

6” x 6”. Dyes on silk, fused to gallery wrap canvas. Ready to hang! Click on the image for a closer look. *SOLD*

This is another one of those kinda-sorta pieces where it resembles a place but I've taken some artistic license. This is looking north up the east coast of Barbados from Consett Bay. Consett is a fishing village and the fishing boats anchor there, ready to go out the next morning. The land takes the form of a series of promontories as far as the eye can see. The trees in my photo are just 'regular' trees, but I morphed them into coconut trees to make a more Caribbean-looking scene!

This is more or less the view from my cousin's home. To sit in a hammock on her front deck, listening to the distant rumble of the ocean while the sun goes down is just sublime.