Mum's Quilt - Fini!

It's done! Here is Psalm 65, 37" x 23".
I added some beads (e.g. the music notes and fruit in the tree) and some wonderful sheer, shimmery commercial organza for the binding. The fabric cutter in the store raised her eyebrows when I told her what I was buying it for - as if to say "I don't think quilts are usually finished that way....". Well this one is! My husband, whose taste in art is more traditional, stopped in his tracks when he saw the finished piece and said "Can we give your mom something else and keep this for us?" That's when I figured I must have done good! I hope she likes it, I'm pleased with it. I'll be seeing her at Christmas when Ron and I go to Barbados to visit our families - I'll let you know how it goes.

If you want a close look at any part of the piece go to the Quilts/Hangings gallery at my website, There's a magnifier that zooms in on any section you mouse over.